Paltalk Banner Project

The Purpose of this webpage is to help you to totally eliminate ALL unwanted Paltalk ads
and replace them with my custom made banners or you can use the tiny images that come with eDexter
 This Project will disable Ad feeds in ALL Paltalk rooms, PMs, Paltalk Sidekick, Paltalk Exit Popup, etc.
Think of this as you would a fax machine at your home, that detects the type of "ring" that is coming into your home.
It's programed not to answer the normal ring which is coming in for your voice, and it only answers the distinctive ring.
ALL computers have a HOST file, it's just that most folks simply do not know how to use it to their advantage.
It's purpose serves as a place where you can list all unwanted Ad websites without also blocking the web sites they appear on.

NEW!! Additional instructions are now included which will also eliminate Ads on SingSnap.
As you follow the instructions below, simply include these next 2 lines as well

I will try to make this as simple as possible.

Step one: Download this small, simple and easy to use program to your Desktop, from this link.
After you download it, go to your desktop and double-click the dxtr134.exe file, to install the program.

After you have installed it, you can start the program by going to Start, Programs, eDexter, and then Click on the top eDexter icon.

You should now see a small white Doggie Bone down by your clock. This means the program is launched.

Step Two:   Highlight and COPY the following three lines

Step Three:  Go down to the little white doggie bone next to your clock. Right Click and choose
Edit Hosts File. (Attention VISTA Users - Please Click Here to See Step 3 for Vista Users below)

The Host File on your computer will open up with Note Pad.

You will now PASTE those 3 lines you had just copied, to your own computers HOSTS file. Left Click immediately after the line localhost  and then hit Enter 2 times.

PLEASE NOTE in the pic above that the cursor is now 2 spaces below the 1 in the line localhost
Now go to EDIT and click Paste.

Your hosts file should now look EXACTLY like this.

All you are doing is adding these 3 lines to your current Hosts file on your computer.
there was already text below the line localhost , please simply paste those 3 lines after the last line in your Hosts file.

Now Save and close your Host file.

Step Three For Vista:  The only way you can Edit your Host file & Save it on Vista. You Must launch NotePad As An Administrator and Open your host file within the NotePad Application itself. To do this, simply Go to Start, Click on All Programs, Click on Accessories Folder, Right Click on NotePad, Click on Run As Administrator. You will receive a pop-up window saying that Windows needs your permission to Continue. Click Continue. Now you will have a blank Notepad window in front of you. Go to File, Choose Open (or simply hold down your Ctrl key & hit O for Open). Now browse to your host file to open it. Here is the Path to your Host file. C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/  
Now Click Here to Continue Step 3 above.

Step 4: Right Click on the doggie bone again, and make sure there is a Check Mark next to Start, and also a Check Mark next to Use Images.

Step 5: Now we are going to Download your new banner images. (OPTIONAL for customized Banner Images)

BUT FIRST - Go to My Computer , then open up the C: Drive (Local Disk), open up the folder called Program Files, Open up the folder called
Pyrenean. Now STOP. Take a Deep Breath
Right Click on the folder called eDexter and then click on SEND TO. Choose Desktop (Create Shortcut)

Download this ZIP File into the eDexter Folder on your Desktop
Extract the ZIP file so you now have a folder called 430x35 in the eDexter folder.
To Extract it, Right Click and choose Extract ALL. It should extract directly into the eDexter Folder.
Then simply Right Click on the white doggie bone and click Select Images Folder. Then choose the new 430x35 folder. eDexter will use the images from that folder now, instead of the eDexter folder.

To try to make things as SIMPLE as possible, it is extremly important that you follow MY instructions EXACTLY.
Do NOT attempt to move folders around thinking you know what's best.
Do NOT attempt to save files into any other folders than the ones I tell you to save them into.

"If you can not follow these simple instructions, do not expect me to help you fix your mistakes"
"I simply do not have time to try to fix whatever it is you choose to do on your own"

If you are experiencing any problems, I will be happy to try to help you, ONLY IF you LISTEN to my questions and ANWSER them, and then follow EXACTLY what I tell you to do. If you do not understand something, then ASK me.
If you continue doing things on your own, that I did not tell you to do,
in an attempt to get ahead of me so you can feel you've done it on your own, then you are On Your Own and I am not going to try to help you any longer.

SingSnap Banner Project

Simply follow the instructions above to help you to totally eliminate ALL unwanted SingSnap ads
The only difference is, you have to add THESE 2 lines to your HOST file as well.

You do not need to use my custom made Christian banners, because they do not display on SS anyhow.
so you can simply Skip Step 5 above

A Few Questions & Anwsers:

#1. Does this violate any terms of agreements with Paltalk or SingSnap?
NO! Absolutely NOT! You are not changing or modifying anything on SingSnap or PalTalk. You are simply setting up your own computer to redirect un-wanted feeds from the Internet so you will not have be bothered with them.

#2. It worked for a while, but now I am seeing ads again. Why?
Most likely you have a security program that is setup to monitor your computer's HOST file. (since some hacker programs will often times change your HOST file without your knowledge, in order to cause your computer to redirect your web browser to different web pages than the ones you wanted to go to.) When your security program detects any changes to your HOST file, it will automatically change it back. (even if YOU were the one who made the change)
You have two options:
Simply keep changing your HOST file back to the way you want it, OR go figure out how to stop your own Security Program from monitoring your HOST file for you.
Monitor your Own Host file

#3. I am leary about the eDexter exe program. What are my alternatives?
You do NOT have to use eDexter if you do not want to. Simply modify your own HOST file with the lines I have given to you for Paltalk & SingSnap and your computer will still intercept those Ad Feeds for you. eDexter is simply a nifty little program which replaces the standard message "This program cannot display the webpage" to a fancy banner which YOU can create yourself.
It's just my own personal preference to use eDexter to see my own banners, rather than seeing a white box saying "This program cannot display the webpage"


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