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In My Humble Opinion

 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom;
teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
- Colossians 3:16

Once upon a time, I learned of a Mohawk Indian Group called "Broken Walls"
I would diligently share their music, by playing it in my Paltalk music room, and give them FREE advertizing on my web site.
I once believed that their music was highly annointed Praise & Worship music.
I simply couldn't get enough of it. Everywhere I went, I would tell others about them
I would even share their music in my taxicab, for my customers to listen to it.
It was some of the most powerful music I have ever heard, and I've no doubt, many people have been blessed listening to it.
You could simply FEEL the Spirit moving as you would soak in this awesome music.

It became a common practice for me, to frequently check out their web site for any new CDs and I never once hesitated to purchase a new CD.
My last and final order was on April 23, 2008 for their lastest CD "The Father's Dance"
(consisting of 12 songs)
The CD costs $18.00 + $1.50 Shipping + $2.50 Handling, for a Grand Total of $21.50

At the time of my order, there was a box on the order form, for "Addition Information" to be submitted
I carefully prayed about something that was weighing on my heart at the time, and then I placed the following comment:
"Not to offend anyone, but I feel led to say to you that I personally believe that you are missing out on a much greater blessing from our Lord, by choosing to ask so much for your CDs. A total of $21.50 is a bit much for ONE CD, for music that Our Lord has blessed you with to bless others with, don't you think?"

On May 20, nearly a month later, I still hadn't received my CD and I had to send Broken Walls an email saying:
"I have still not received my CD which I ordered and paid for on April 23, 2008. This is now May 20th"
However, I did received the following reply back about my comment

Broken Walls Reply Letter

Unfortunately, this reply made me want to vomit.

The mere suggestion that the price they charge for their CD's is competitive & comparable
to that of other similar music groups/ministries is absolutely absurd.
I do not need to be a brain surgeon to do a quick search on the Internet to easily see that this statement is a flat-out LIE.

Let's Compare Apples to Apples, shall we?
(Randomly selected Music Stores of various Christian Artists)
Don Francisco CDs and Music Store
David Teems
2nd Chapter of Acts
Michael W. Smith
Amy Grant
Geoff Moore
Caedmon's Call
Casting Crowns
Mercy Me
Fernando Ortega
Janet Paschal
Point Of Grace

Rebecca Saint James
Third Day
Scott Krippayne
CeCe Winans
Crystal Lewis

*A Special Note about Cheryl Bear
Even though a Single CD is $20.00 on her web site, this does at least, INCLUDE Shipping & Handling
Plus she offers a $5.00 discount when both of her CDs are purchased together (
Grand Total = $35.00)
The thing that I find sad, is Broken Walls charges $18.00 for Cheryl's CDs PLUS Shipping & Handling
and they give absolutely NO discount for purchasing both CDs together. (
Grand Total = $40.00)

Now I am wondering if this Tammy Latchford person is "truly" speaking for Jonathan Maracle
or if she is nothing more than a Secular business-minded person who has no real concept on how GOD works.

To suggest that the Broken Walls Ministry is DEPENDANT upon the sales of CDs, not only as a source of income to provide for their families, but also it helps to cover expenses incurred when they travel to minister to hurting people, with their music etc... seems to ME to somehow remove GOD out of the equation.

I'm very sad to say, I attempted to listen to my new CD but I simply couldn't get into it at all.
I could no longer FEEL God's Spirit moving. The same goes with all of my other Broken Walls CDs
Their music has been tarnished for me, as their reply has enlightened me to a new focus of dependancy for them.
Possibly GOD was not providing enough for what they were 'expecting' and/or 'wanted'?,
and they carelessly turned from Depending on HIM, to depending upon the sales of their CDs?

Several years ago, I had a need to read over their web site, for I was interested in possibly booking them for a benefit.
I was amazed at how little they were asking for. (Travel Expenses & Lodging Accommodations + Love Donations)
WOW!! There was no doubt in my mind that this group was surely being led by the Spirit of God.
Today, it seems their tune has even changed for their booking requirements:
Booking Broken Walls
I can't help but wonder what the true message is that Broken Walls is now trying to send out to us
Is it: "If God isn't providing enough for your own desires, simply raise your prices on everything and hope to obtain it that way" ?
I'm sorry folks, but I simply can not believe that their reply to me was Led by the Spirit of God Our Father

In My Humble Opinion

Thank You

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