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My doctor asked if any members of my family suffered from insanity,
I replied, no, we all seem to enjoy it.

Our Family DNA Project:
IF you are related, Please visit those family members & add them
AncestryDNA makes it difficult for non-paying members to identify and their DNA matches.
This page is dedicated to help our cousins easily identify other cousins who have submitted their DNA on AncestryDNA.
If you have taken a DNA test with AncestryDNA, I encourage all of my cousins to contact me.
Simply tell me what your Member Name is on Ancestry.com and I will add it to our list.
This way, when you receive DNA matches,
you can check our list below and see if your match is part of our Family DNA Project.

'Bringing The Family Together using DNA'

I urge EVERYONE who is researching my lines, to get a DNA test done through AncestryDNA.com
They have the largest database and their display presentation is Fabulous
You can also download the raw data to submit into 3rd party DNA databases.
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You won't be sorry.

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Order Your DNA Test on Ancestry.com Today ONLY $79 by using this refferal link https://order.ancestry.com/ng/signup/?offer_id=O-23476#/payment/

(Last Count = 33 - Updated November 18, 2016)
Ancestry Member Name
Facebook Profile
Robert E. Bond 1_bond007
Susan Barwick Barwick_susan
Lola McGuire Whited Boby43
Steve Bond bondlurch1
Carol Cutlip carolcutlip1
Cindy Blackburn Hardy cindyb24631
Cindy Micka Wright cindymicka
Catherine Todd CTodd57
John Curless dcphenom
Deborah Peacock DeborahPeacock50
Elizabeth Diane Steele Crisman Diane_Crisman
Donna Bowers dnabwrs
Eugene Paul Lopez eugenepaul05
Gary Gideon
Maria Ross hotrodtemptress
Jallie Clark Crabtree jalliecrabtree
Janthina Bond Janthina007
Jennifer Brandenburg Shaffer jshaffer361
Angela Bauer kayakin02
Judy Black-Sullivan kornicalo
Marcella Littleton marcellalittleton
Michael Fields mfields2_1
Sophia Zapf nope001
Jeannie Steele Norris norrisjeannie
Priscilla Bond priscillabond2000
Rhonda Steele Plata RhondaPlata
Samantha Lynn Courter SamanthaLBlankenship
Jasmine Feldman (Stormy Sterling) sfeldman8_1
Dorothy Shannon Zapf/Sizer Olson sfeldman8_1
Sheri Ruble sheri Ruble / Sherinbillyr
Kimberly Star Gideon stargideon
Mary Caruso Witschger suburbanmom2000
Sue Ann Huston SueHuston28
Vicki L Barnett VickiBarnett72
George Gideon www_georgegideon69

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