My doctor asked if any members of my family suffered from insanity,
I replied, no, we all seem to enjoy it.

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Gary Gideon
Aaron Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Albert Bauer Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Aldo Mainieri Prinz
Alex Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Amber Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Amber Roszell Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Anthony Bauer Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Anthony Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Angela Bauer Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Becky Taylor Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Brian Gideon

Brian Urlacher Gideon Jr. Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Christina Zapf Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Daniel Gerald Chaille Jr. Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Franco Mainieri Prinz Prinz
George Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Jasmine Feldman (Stormy Sterling) Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Jill Foster (Aug. 27, 1956 - Aug., 2013) Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Jonathan Zapf Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Kimberly Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Lauren Williams Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Marv Zapf Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Michael John King Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Pamela Gideon Bauer Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Patty Wiechert Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Paul Terry King Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Rachel Taylor Roszell Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Robert Gary King Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Ryan Bauer Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Samantha Rycek Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Sandra Taylor Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Savannah King Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Shannon Zapf Olson (Dottie) Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Sophia Zapf Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Tammy Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Taylor Marie Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Tony Gideon Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz
Tony Zapf Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz

We are all decendants of George Alexander Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz & Anna Maria Prinz

George was born 12 May 1869 in Metzenaaf, Hungary & died 15 Jun 1951 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Anna was born 27 Aug 1877 in Jimbolia, Romania, Hungary ?? & died 05 Feb 1956 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

The Children of
George Alexander Gideon/Gedeon-Prinz & Anna Maria Prinz

(and their spouses)

George Matthew Gideon (1914 2002) - married Georgia
Lina Magdeline Gideon (1916 1995) - married Herbert Zapf
Catherine Anne Gideon (1920 2010) - married James Littell
Michael Edward Sr Gideon (1924 2004) - married Bessie V. Bond)

Anthony M Gideon (1910 1980) - married Lyda - (no children)
John Charles Gideon (1912 1997) - married Miriam Bowmen (no children)
Anna B Gideon (1918 1993) (never married, no children)
Teresa Maria Gideon (1922 1999) (never married, no children)

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