Thus Saith The Lord

   Thus Saith The Lord...

Care Not...

"Care not for the things of the world, the way they think, the way they act, the sounds they make, and the things that they do because of their purposes, because of their plans, because of their pursuits and the things that they deem most important. Don't care for those things."

I am Speaking to You...

"Look, listen, hearken, and be aware of the things that I'm saying, saith the Lord. I am speaking to you every moment of every day. But if your plans and your purposes and your pursuits, your most cherished ideas, are shaped and formed in line with the world, if you have first place in your life the same thing that they have first place in their lives, you will not hear Me. Not because I don't want you to hear, not because I'm not speaking."

Ears to Hear

"Many times when I was ministering on the earth, you've read in My Word and heard preachers and ministers and teachers repeat what I said, 'He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.' Ears to hear My spirit and My Word, saith the Lord of grace, doesn't come just through the natural flow of life. Ears to hear Me comes first from making decisions to know and understand what I know and understand. I'm not holding anything back from you. I'll teach you everything I know. Most of My people, most of My very own people, have the idea that I only want them to know a little bit or maybe they're only capable of knowing a little bit. No, no, that's contrary to My Word. I said when the Holy Ghost comes into the earth He will show you all that is Mine and all that the Father has is Mine and I say again, He will take what is Mine and He will show it to you. I'll give you all of My mind. I'll give you all of My Spirit. I'll give you all that I own. And I own it all."

Step Out in Boldness

"This is not a time to draw back and be a spiritual coward. This is the time to step out in boldness. [In] 2003, you'll be like Me. I know you. I gave birth to you. I am for you, not against you. I'll run with you. I'll run for you. And I'll be to you everything you'll let Me be because I love you. My care is for you. You and your spiritual welfare and development is first in My life. I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly. So don't draw back. Step out. Speak in My Name. Be bold to declare that I will heal and lay hands on people without fear that I won't back your play. I am the Lord that healeth thee. I have much more desire to heal than you have had to do the praying. So this is not a time to regress and draw back. This is a time to rejoice."


"2003 will go down in history as a year of mega miracles, profound revelation from heaven both in the natural realm and in the supernatural realm. There's coming an opening of My Word into the hearts and minds of people that at this moment don't even know Me but before the end of the year will be preaching and profound things will come out of their mouths."

Super Inventions, Super Discoveries

"It's also a time of super inventions, super discoveries. In times past, I had to bless the heathen with the technology and with the inventions because I couldn't get My people to do anything about it. They all wanted to be poor and down in the mouth. But there has come and there is a people now that has risen up to take hold of My Word, take hold of the technology, take hold of the money, take hold of the property, take hold of My power, take hold of My Spirit, and take it to the far-flung corners of the earth. This is the time I've been waiting for, saith the Lord of grace. I've longed for this hour. This year. Not next spring, not next summer, not next fall, but today. Right now. There is an increase in the anointing that you-if you will take the slightest step to remove burdens and destroy yokes, you're going to notice an immediate ten-fold increase in whatever anointing you have known in the past."

Those That Never Knew the Anointing

"And there are those of you that never have known that you were anointed in your life. You were, but you didn't know it. If you know Me, you're anointed because I am the Anointing. And if you know Me, you're anointed. There are those that have never known, never expressed, had no idea that they had any anointing about them at all, that within the week they're going to see people healed and raised up and set free within this first week of 2003. You'll be as anointed as you can be. Because you know Me, saith the Lord. What a time!"

Don't Be Alarmed

"Don't be alarmed. I began this by saying to you, 'Don't take the world's care.' Don't be alarmed and don't pick up on their care for the safety of the United States. There are going to be some terrorist acts in this country, but they'll be far less than what was planned. Don't pick up the care and the worry and the fret just because other nations declare through their politicians that they hate Americans. Well, why do you want to be so popular anyway? They hated Me, they'll certainly hate you. But you'll notice it's the politicians and the news media that are crying that. It isn't the people."

They Want to Know What You Know

"There are people all over this world that love you because they love Me. And there are people out there that are hoping before heaven that you are real and that you will pray and that somehow or another you will get the God that you worship into their heart and into their mind and into their mouth. They want to know what you know. Don't hold back. This is the time to go, not stay. This is the time to move out in the grace and the wonder and the goodness."

Islam Is No More

"This war, particularly the way you know it now, is not going to last as long as everybody thinks it is because the major parts of it will come apart and fall. The deathblow has already happened to the nation of Islam. In My eyes, saith the Lord, it's already fallen and it is no more."

Jerusalem Will Know Peace

"Jerusalem will know peace. I said they would, and they will. It's not a lasting peace, but they will know peace very, very soon. Major changes are going to happen all this year, all year long. But don't just sit around and wait until the news media tries to tell you about it. Come to Me, I'll tell you before it happens."

Listen to Me

"Listen to Me. Listen to Me, saith the Spirit of the Lord. Listen to Me, listen to Me, listen to Me and you'll hear My voice and it will be the voice of Jesus and it will tell you right and not wrong. It will be good and it won't be bad, and you will dodge the pitfalls and go around the potholes and the stumps, missing the snags and the hang ups that are below the surface. And you will be maneuvered and taken from place to place, and people are going to look up and say, 'You beat all I ever saw. It gets rough, you get better. It gets bad, you get stronger. How do you people do that?' And you'll smile and say, 'Our God meets our needs according to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus.'"

-Prophecy spoken through Kenneth Copeland
December 31, 2002
Eagle Mountain International Church