Flying Dove

What is Love?

Love is uniting each other's minds and truly becoming one being.
What excites her, excites him
until their excitement overflows
breaking through the realms of the human mind,
tearing down boundries, extingishing jealousy, building trust,
allowing Love to exceed into unknown ultimate levels.

Love is the existence of a mutual mental bond
consisting of positive thoughts and a strong desire to please
as well as being, yourself, pleased
in the one you love,
mastering the capabilities
which allow two minds to co- exist as one.

He excites in Her fantasies,
placing himself in her mind, body and soul.
One Entity.
She excites in His fantasies,
placing herself in his mind, body and soul.
One Entity
the pleasures brought about
to and for
these two
existing as one.

He arouses to Ultimate highs
as he imagines Her Ultimate highs
One mind
Pure pleasure.
She submits to her own desires
for her own are always His,
and His,
will always lead her to a new level of ecstasy.
One mind
Pure pleasure.

Love is a solid foundation
built on an endless dream
where Two
never forget
they are One.
One purpose, One goal,One desire

He is the Master, She is his inspiration
Together, they seek unmeasurable pleasures in their being.
He is overflowing with tender compassion and pure love
a desire
a hunger
a destined journey
to obtain the fruits whereas many shall never feast upon.
She is the recipient of all his labor
she stands at his side
all that life has to offer.
And as she explodes into ultimate pleasures,
He finds peace and fulfillment in Her.
They are ONE

.......................Written by The Master